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I initially started as a consultant with Thrive to work on our personal food storage and help our family to be better prepared.  I realized how wonderful this product is, just how affordable, healthy and cost/time saving it can be!  It isn't just 'prepper food'.  It's actually everyday food that happens to have a long term shelf life. Now I use the product on a daily basis, which brings a whole other whole aspect into a Thriving way of life. Finally, I realized I could help show others how and why to use these amazing products and how to do so affordably!

My husband and I have been personally working in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief since 1992.  When Hurricane Andrew hit, our hearts cried out to help the people of South Florida.  This was our first Disaster Related Food Drive.  Over the last 20 years we have worked with local officials, SMAT, Red Cross, Hearts with Hands, MRMRC, CERT and several preparedness organizations to help families affected by natural and manmade disasters and how to be better prepared for them..

Emergency Preparedness has been a way of life for our family for many years.  Natural and personal disasters can occur any day. Whether it be weather related, job related, etc.  People need to have a little more of everything stored to get your family through these occurrences; they can happen at any time.

My husband and I have researched long term food storage for a long time and decided that THRIVE was the best product for our family.  The THRIVE foods are not only a wonderful way to supplement your long term food storage, they are also a great way to add to your daily menus as well.  I will pass along specials, promotions, recipes and all sorts of wonderful things that THRIVE can provide to you and your family.

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I have been blessed with many opportunities recently to share what has been taught to be on my journey.  I have helped to co-found a food storage website called We hope to pass along information to help you and your family with food storage and saving money.  Along with specials and videos, we also include recipes and ideas for your food storage.

Want to learn more about Thrive and Food Storage? Here are 2 podcast interviews I have had discussing Thrive and the how and why I have chosen it:
Click the following links to listen to my podcasts:

[10/4/13 Real Food Living with Vickilynn Haycraft on The Survivor Mom Radio Network](]

[9/15/13 Rick Austin the Survivalist Gardener on Preparedness Radio Network][(

Let me know how I can help! 

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